The Red Phone Private Online Clinic and Our Abiding Wellness Tele-Health, National Teaching & Treatment Center:   Doc Offers to Our Countries' VIPs, Execs, Corporate, Industry & Government Leaders, NFL, MLB, Golf & All Our Sports Pros & Athletes, Doctors, Attorneys, Professionals in All Fields, Well Known Folks & Public Figures, Celebrities, Stars, TV, Movie, Entertainment & Performing Arts People & Our Nation's Private Landed Gentry, Blessed Affluents and Their Families: 1. A Fireside Chat with Dr. Ralph by Heartfelt & Personal, Talk-It-Over Therapy;  2. Professional, 24-7, Call & Concierge Counseling;   3. Tele-Psychotherapy for Intense Sufferings;   4. Spiritual & Christian Guidance;   5. Life Coaching & Goal Mentoring for Your Journey; & 6. Tele-Health, 24 Hours, Online & On Call!   This is All by Virtual Phone Office Visit Sessions Directly & Personally at His Online Private Practice! This is by Concierge & Integrative Holistic Medicine Centers, with 24-7 Online & On Call, Tele-Health, Wealth Advisement, Personal Psychotherapy, Family, Marriage & Couples Counseling, Spiritual Guidance & Christian Counsel!

            You Can Call Doc at 720-900-5000 from 10am to 4pm EST for An Initial Intake Session!

 Professional & Historical Information.

     Ralph "Chappy" Tayloredba, has a PhD(Doctorate) in Counseling, An MED Degree in Counseling & Psychological Services, & after a 1st Year as a Pre-Med Student, Changed Majors & Obtained a B.A. Degree in a Double Major of Psychology and Sociology.

   He has Moved on as a Nationally Certified Psychologist(NCP), Licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW), Licensed Mental Health Counselor(LMHC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT).   He is also a LCCT, LMFPT, LPLC and also Well Known as a Licensed Int'l Chaplain & Ordained MinisterHis Local Private Practice Offices have also undergone a Great Deal of Growth & Changes of Services for You.

   Good Old Dr. Ralph, at the Tender age of 75, Devotes Himself Totally, to Specializing in His Clients and Patients at The Abiding Well Affluence Private Clinic as A Concierge Wealth, VIP & Celebrity Therapist and Marriage, Family & Couples Counselor; Offering Psychotherapy for Private Issues, Anxiety & Depression and Also Spiritual Growth & Guidance at Our Integrative Tele-Health Holistic Medicine Clinic, We are On Call, 24 Hours by Nationwide Virtual Telephone Office Visit Sessions at Our Online Private Practice! We Listen ~ We Care! Doc Helps with Attentive Listening & Professional Care, A Heartfelt Understanding of Affluent Life, A Non-Judgemental Attitude & A Kind & Christian Oriented Countenance. He Offers Nationwide Online, Mobile & Telephone, Professional Marriage & Relationship Counseling and Family & Couples Therapy, as well as Anxiety and Depression Personal Psychotherapy, throughout America, Canada & Actually Internationally, as Folks Travel, by Telephone, E-Mail & Text Messaging.

   He has was born in New York City and Later moved to Scarsdale, N.Y. He got His B.A. at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He Enlisted for Military Service in United States Air Force as a Chaplain. Returning, He Attended SpringField College and the University of Massachusetts where He received his Masters Degree and Doctoral Work at U Mass. Later, while in Private Practice, He did a Five Year Longitudinal Study and Obtained His PhD in Counseling. His Entire Family and Their Businesses progressively moved "Out West!" in the Early 1970's. 

   He had established His Local Private Practice Offices Providing Licensed Professional Counseling for Marriages & Families and also & Personal Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Losses & Sufferings. There has always been Some Actual Telephone Counseling Services. He later added Nationwide & Worldwide Online, Mobile & Telephone-Counseling Services as Computers & the Internet became more popular.

   Doc Offers Online Virtual Telephone Counseling, Therapy & Coaching & Mentoring Services to Our Affluent Americans in the Our United States of America, as well as, Canadians & People Traveling in Europe, Asia, South America, etc; Bringing His Private Practice Experience to You Mobily, wherever You are Traveling, Assigned, Deployed or Working! 

   He offers the Confidentiality, Low Public Visibility, Easy Access & Convenience of Online Consultations; Primarily Mobile by Telephone Counseling, Therapy & Coaching; and Also with Support by Email & Text Messaging & SMS. This is All for Our Hard Working and Usually Very Busy Americans, and Yes Also This is: A Confidential & Safe Place, Outside of Your Usual Personal, Social & Work Circles.

   Our Clients are Our CountriesAffluent, Celebrity & Wealthy Folks and Yes, All of Our People, Value Anonymity, Privacy & No Public Notoriety! These are Our Multi-Generation Landed Gentry Families; Well Known, Celebrity, VIP & Rich & Famous People, All Public Figures and Our Remarkable Leaders in Life & World Changing & Ground Breaking Ideas & Tech; America's Corporate, Manufacturing, Industry, Law & Government Leaders; Actors, Actresses, Artists, Sculptors, Musicians & Entertainment Pros; and Yes, Our Athletes, Sports & Performance People!     These are Men & Women in Business, Corporate, Executive & Professionals in All Fields and Most Importantly for: You Personally & All of Your, Caring & Concerned Spouses, Families, Children & Relationships. This is a Place to Talk Out, Work through or Vent Decisions, Frustrations, Personal Issues & Sufferings with Attention, Care, Understanding, Direction, Support & A Means to Express Your Thoughts, Challenges & Decisions, as well as, Family, Marital, Relationship & Social Difficulties, all within a Kind & Christian-Like, Non-Judgmental, Orientation...

   Over the Years, Dr. Ralph has worked in various psychiatric clinics, hospitals, outpatient and mental health clinics, as an Expert Witness in the Courts, in government & military programs, church and community counseling centers and schools, as an Individual and Group Therapy Clinician & Leader, Teacher and Programs Director. Throughout these years he has participated in ongoing schooling and training in the fields of mental health, emotional & personality disorders, personal growth & goal mentoring, World Spirituality & Religion, Christianity, Bible Study & Scriptural Applications, Counseling, Psychology, Psycho-Pharmacology, through various Schools, Courses, Seminars and Workshops.

   In his Counseling Practice, Doc's main focus of attention and concern is working with Our Affluent and Professional People: Individuals, Privately & Personally, Their Marriage, Families,  Parents, Relationships & Couples. He helps them through the difficult adjustments, deep emotional issues, hurt & heartbreak, betrayal, misunderstandings, handling overwhelming circumstances and stressful situations, dealing with childhood issues & the severe after effects, coping with traumatic events; severe, terrifying events, or terminal disease and grief, preparing for major decisions and finding the motivation and strength to make changes.

   Besides Marital, Family, Relationship & Couples Issues & Challenges, he specifically works with Individuals in the areas of Anxiety & Depressive Disorders, Stress, Fear, Phobia, Panic, PTSD, OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the Many Types of Depression, Frustration, Guilt, Anger, Low Confidence & Low Self-Esteem, Worthlessness, Hopelessness, Betrayal, Broken Promises, Disappointments, Terminal Illness, Grief & Severe Business & Personal Losses, Difficult Emotional Issues, Destructive & Unhealthy Habits & Ways of Thinking & Acting, Your Self-Image, Hopes & Dreams, Life's Adjustments, Major Decisions, Trauma & Changes.

   For Americans Nationwide and All People, Assigned, Living or Working in Countries Worldwide, Online and Direct with Dr. Ralph, by Telephone & Cell Phone Counseling & Therapy with Support by Phone, PC & Lap Top: Email Correspondence & Text Messaging-SMS.

   Doc has always had a Sensitivity to and Desire to Help Desire Suffering Friends & People in Pain and actually since childhood. Doc is a Well Known as a Licensed International Chaplain and has Served or Serves with United States Air Force, The Police & Firemen, All Soldiers, Military & Government Personnel, Prisoners in Jails, The Red Cross, 1st Responders and Suffering Victims of Accidents, Fire, Flood, Disasters, Emergencies, Weather and War!


     We Also Run The Abiding in Christ International & Abba World Online Missionary Churches:             AbbaChurch.com, SoldiersChurch.com, PoliceChurch.com, EuroChapel.com, ChinaChapel.com, NorthKoreaChurch.com, ETC,! We Also Offer 24-7 Online & On Call, Christian Church Services,                 Holy Bibles in 100's of Languages and for All Beliefs, We Will Lift Your Prayer Requests,                                     Concerns & Sufferings to Our Father God in Heaven & In Jesus Christ's Name!                                   We Also Run www.AbbaHospital.com: Abba International Children's Hospital for                                                             All of Our Sick, Needy, Hungry, Homeless, & Suffering Children,                                                                                                             Where We Offer TREATMENT & HEALING through PRAYER!

   Of Course Chaplain Ralph offers Spiritual Guidance, and ONLY if You Like: Biblical Answers but Also Finding One's Gifts, Place, Purpose and Meaning in Life and, Also IF You'd Like, Finding and Building a Personal Relationship with God or Your Higher Power as You may call Him!

   "I'm Here to Help You Talk Out and Work through Those
Serious Matters of Your Personal Spiritual Life & Heart, Emotions &
Your Marriage, Family and Children, Your Own Private and Personal,
Difficulties and Obstacles, Business Issues, Serious Decisions and
Yes, Finding Answers about, Locating, Connecting with or Improving
Your Relationship with God or Your Higher Power in A Caring & Attentive, Listening & Understanding, Non-Judgmental, Christian-Like & Kind Atmosphere. Chaplain Ralph."

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     Dr. Ralph at 75 Years, Offers a Heartfelt Understanding of Our Wealthy, Well Known & Celebrity Clients with, Nationwide Online Phone Marriage Counseling & Professional Psychotherapy for Very Personal Challenges, Issues, Decisions, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Suffering, Betrayal, Anger, Guilt, Grief, Major Life Losses, Changes & Adjustments. We Hope to Give You a Means to Comfort, Control, Relief & Health for Your Severe Suffering. We Also Can Help You with Marriage, Family, Couples & Relationships and Pastoral Spiritual Guidance. This is All Online for You Nationwide by Virtual Office Visit Sessions by Your Cell Phone or Telephone with Email & Text Messaging Communication & Support and In an Attentive & Caring, Christian-Like, Kind & Non-Judgmental, Listening & Understanding, Professional Atmosphere and  All Directly & Personally with Dr. Ralph at His Online Private Practice!

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        Dr. Ralph at The Red Phone Private Clinic and Our Abiding Wellness, 24-7 Online & On Call, Tele-Health Center for Our Countries' VIPs,  Leaders, Execs, NFL, MLB & Sport Pros, Celebs, Stars, Doctors & Attorneys & All Professionals in All Fields: Concierge & Integrative Holistic Medicine Centers, with 24-7 Online & On Call, Tele-Health, Wealth Advisement, Personal Psychotherapy, Family, Marriage & Couples Counseling, Spiritual & Christian Guidance & Counsel! He Provides: 1. Just Plain Confidential Talk!  2. Personal Therapy for Your Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Frustration, Stress, Betrayal, Guilt, Anger, Challenges, Losses, Changes & Trauma.  3. Family, Marriage & Couples Counseling. 4. Spiritual Guidance. We are Here for You & Yours, All in a Caring, Kind & Christian Atmosphere with Multi-Therapy, Alternative & Complimentary Holistic Medicine. This is All for You with Doc,  Directly & Personally at His Online Private Practice!

  We Serve Serve & Counsel America's BEST: VIPs, Execs, Corporate, Industry & Government Leaders, NFL, MLB, Golf & All Our Sports Pros & Athletes, Doctors, Attorneys, Professionals in All Fields, Well Known Folks & Public Figures, Celebrities, Stars, TV, Movie, Entertainment & Performing Arts People & Our Nation's Private Landed Gentry & Blessed Affluents! We offer Direct Concierge Wealth Counsel & Advisement, Integrative Tele-Health, Personal Psychotherapy, Couples, Family & Marriage Counseling, Spiritual & Christian Guidance, Holistic Medicine & This is All Online & On Call 24-7 with Dr. Ralph at His Virtual Private Practice! 

We are Here for You, Our Clients,

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