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      Dr. Ralph Offers a Teaching about An Anxety Client's & Patient's Very Personal Feelings, Thoughts & Sufferings at Our "RedPhone24.com, National Online & On Call Clinic & The Abiding Wellness Trauma & Treatment Center to Our Countries' VIPs, Execs, Corporate, Industry & Government Leaders, NFL, MLB, Golf & All Our Sports Pros & Athletes, Doctors, Attorneys, Professionals in All Fields, Well Known Folks & Public Figures, Celebrities, Stars, TV, Movie, Entertainment & Performing Arts People & Our Nation's Private Landed Gentry & Blessed Affluents!

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             Dr. Ralph Writes to You & Lists:

An Anxiety Client's & Patient's,

Very Personal List of Sufferings,

Feelings & Thoughts and Offers 

You Hope That You are Not Alone! 

We are The Red Phone 24 Private Clinic &

Abiding Wellness National Teaching & Treatment Center.

        Good Old Dr. Ralph, the Director & Therapist at The Red Phone Clinic & Our Abiding Well National Treatment Center, Gives Our Anxiety Sufferers; Help & Answers by Couples, Marriage & Family Counseling, Professional Personal Anxiety Therapy Sessions and Spiritual & Christian Guidance. He Hopes to Give You a Means to Comfort, Control, Relief & Health for Your Traumatic Suffering from Anxiety & Associated Depression: Uncontrolled Fears & Phobias, Impatience, Over Worrying, Frustration, Anger, Irritability, High Stress & Its  Progressive & Unseen Consequences, Fear of Losing Control or Strongly Needing to be in Control, Severe Self or Other Criticism, A Very Uncomfortable Nervousness, Shaking, Just Can't Sit Still, Needing to Keep Moving, Past Traumatic Emotional & Physical Events that have Caused Severe & Repeated  Fear & Paralysis... 

              We Hope to Help You Realize: You are NOT ALONE & Also to  Provide Some Explanations & Serious Help in Understanding in What You are Going through Mentally, Where You are Emotionally & Some Answers to the Confusion & Suffering and Means to Health & Relief!!! 

                    We are Here for You, Our Clients, 24-7, Online & On Call & by                    Conference Calling & Video Conferencing, Directly with Dr. Ralph!    

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 Red Telephones Corded Telephone Classic Rotary Dial Home Phones Antique  Vintage | eBay   Doc: Some Teaching and Information for You. 

As You have Heard: Jesus in The Bible says: "Be Anxious for Nothing!"

   This is a Simple Command and Suggestion BUT:                                                                   First How Do We Go About Doing Getting Relief???

   SOOO, What are These Feelings! How do we go about Getting Rid of These Fears, Concerns, Worries, Phobias, The Panic  and The Suffering & Sometimes Debilitating and Paralyzing Feelings?

         Let's Take A Look at What You and Others are Going Through...          


 Vintage Holiday Coca Cola Telephone/Collective Coca Cola Retro Phone/  Stainless glass like Phone/Novelty Phone/Red and Green Phone/  A Special & Very

Personal List of An Anxiety Client's

Feelings, Thoughts & Personal Sufferings.

Abiding Christian Anxiety, Depression & Marriage Counseling! 

   A Fireside Chat with Dr. Ralph!

      Anxiety: Information and Forms: If you'd like, scroll down the page, look over the information below and see if any of the areas apply or seem to fit your situation. This page consists partly of simple, personally felt, suffered and focused issues, as well as, a clinical listing of symptoms that we hope to help people work through and resolve:

   Offering Treatment and Relief To Help You
Work through Anxiety, Phobia, Panic and Stress:

   The Many Forms of Anxiety Attacks, The Frustrations of  

Phobia & The Actual, Physical Paralysis & Emotional Imprisonment.

* The Overwhelming and Debilitation Fears, Stress, Guilt and Hurt.

* "I Feel Like I'm "Losing It." "It can't be that "I'm Going Crazy"?"

"I Get This Heart Pain. I'm Afraid I'm Having A Heart Attack."

* " You Don't Know, In Public When I Go OCD, It's All of This Personal Embarrassment, The Public Humiliation, Feeling Foolish or Judged."

"I Feel Like I'm Being Punished or Like an Outcast."

* Then There's the Uncontrollable, Unpredictable Reactions of Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Panic, Order and Compulsion.


* Separation from the World & Those Days of Profound Loneliness or Sadness: "I Really Like No One Really Understands Cares about Me or My Fears & How I'm Suffering.

* "It's Like the Ultimate Guilt Trip. It's Just Hopeless."

* "I Will Never Be Good Enough and Yes My Confidence is Shot."

* Personal Fears and Concerns Out of Proportion.

* Fatigue, Energy Drained, Withdrawal, Irritability,
       Super Sensitivity, Guilt and Defensiveness...

* For Anxiety Disorders, There are Many Different Types and Depths of Symptoms and the Timing of Suffering or Episodes.

* "How Did this Happen to me?"

* " What Caused Me to Be Like This?"

*  Some Answers: Adjustments and Reactions to:
     Severe Personal Changes, Losses and Trauma from:
     Childhood, Mistreatment, Degradation & Abuse,
     Major Family & Life Changes through Divorce,
     Grief, Terminal Disease & The Death of a Loved One,
     Changing or Losing a Job, Moving to a New Locale,
     Status & Economic Shifts & Losses,
     Marital, Parenting & Familial Difficulties.

* For The Serious and Debilitating Panic Attacks...

* For A Childhood History of Victimization, Mistreatment,
       Sexual Molestation, Degradation, Humiliation,
       Physical, Verbal and Mental Abuse and the Daily
       Guilt and Fear of Being A Victim or An Innocent.

* "I See Now, that This is Killing My Marriage."

* "My Kids are suffering from My Fears & Controls."

* "Can I Get Help for My Children, after I Get Real Help?" 

* " Yes, That's Me, a Victim of Controlling, Critical, Negative, 
     "Never Good Enough" and Guilt Maker Parents!"

For Those Feeling Like a Loser:

* "I Get These Days of Frustration & Despair & Loneliness."

* " I Really Feel Like No One Really Understands or Cares."

* "There's this Hopelessness and No Answers to My Fears."

* "I Fight Guilt Big Time, Moments & Battles with
  Low Confidence or Self-Esteem."

* "I'm just Never Good Enough!"

* "I'm Grateful for My Life but I feel Somehow Isolated."

* "Even in a crowd or with friends I feel like I'm alone."

* "I'm kind of lost and don't know where or who to turn to."

* "It's easy to cry or or get angry equally hard not to."

* "There's a weight & cloud of Guilt & Sadness around me."

* "Yes I'm well off. It seems people believe that therefore:

       I don't suffer & I should stop complaining & get grateful."


I Can Really Say:

* "I'd really like to talk to someone about this..."

* "It seems no one really cares or understands."

* "For a long time now, I have felt never good enough for anything!"

* "I feel walled off. No one's listening anymore."

* "I'm really frustrated. I just can't seem to get through."

* "People are Impatient with Me & Maybe they are Right?"

* "I'm not heard, No One Hears My Whys Anymore!"

* "This Fear Thing is Pushing My Family Away from Me!"

* "I'm always wrong. It seems everything's my fault."

* "I've or This Fear has Broken Dreams and Promises to..."

* "Well Now I know what it feels like to be Betrayed."

* "I found some words for my general feelings:
     I'm in  a State of Fear, Frustration, Despair & Discouragement."

* "I'm so very tired of all of this, and now
     I realize it's been like this for a very long time..."

* "It sounds childish & ridiculous but I just feel like running away."

   For When You're: Feeling Tired - Can't Get Moving

* "Sometimes the Fear or Stress is So Strong, I Get Exhausted from these Constant: "MUSTS" "Do It Again" "Not Not Good Enough" " What if I Don't Get It Done in Time. I Just Run Out of Steam.  There's just No Energy. I Can't get Motivated."

* "It's Like I'm Separated & See This All from Far Away."

* "Too Many Critics: I don't feel very much like doing much."

* "No One Understands. It's Not Worth It, I'm Pulling Away."

* "I'm spending more and more time quietly alone."


* You never know or even become afraid of when something
     will trigger a memory, and then the anger or the tears...

* " I just never know when the Fear will Attack again."

*"What's Going to Set Me Off This Time?

* "Will today be a good day or a sad day or an anxious day?"

* There are Life's frustrations, limitations, changes, adjustments
     and overwhelming changes, decisions and responsibilities.

* And there is also the anger, rage and guilt.
     Why God? Why God me? Why God now?

* "I think I've lost My Faith?"

* "Will it ever get better?" "Do I really want it to get better?"

* "I'm so tired." "I want to give up. No, I must go on." "Why?"

   For Those Past Hurts and Abuses.

* "These Fears: They still haunt me and my today relationships."

* "Yes, My Mom is Super Controlling & a Guilt-Maker, But I Need to Learn How to Handle Her & Not Get Paralyzed."

* "My Spouse is Really Critical, Degrading and Devaluative."

* "It's never good enough!" "They're All Un-Pleasable!"


   * "I'm afraid to trust, then I do, and get hurt again."

   * "I seem to have a knack for picking the wrong mate."

   * "How do I stop the cycle and get off this merry-go-round?"

   For Feeling Guilty & Suffering Low Self Esteem in Some Areas.

* "How do I say "No" or Take Care without Feeling Guilty?"

* "I feel very wrong or stupid as everyone watches my compulsions."

* "I shouldn't feel this way. God has blessed me
     and I  have so very much to be grateful for."

* "I sometimes feel like I'm a failure."

* "I Blame Myself. I Blame Everyone Else."

* "Really when I  think about it, I'm my own worst enemy."

* "I don't think I really like myself very much."

* "I sure don't like being alone with myself---sometimes."

* "I've lost some or is it all of my confidence. I know I lost my edge."

* "I'm afraid to try new stuff or take a chance...No Control."

* "I didn't do anything wrong. Why do I feel guilty?"

   For Those Times of Despair & Hopelessness.

* "I just feel like giving it all up."

* "I'm so very tired of all of this."

* "I'd like to run away or move some place else."

* "I really can't hang on much longer."

* "It seems nobody cares anyway, Nobody!"

   For Many Sleep, Appetite & Weight Difficulties.

* Too much - Too little - Control ~ Changes - Problems.

   For When It's Really Difficult to Concentrate or Decide.

* "I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed out."

* "I sometimes get Preoccupied or Confused sometimes."

* "It takes me forever or I just can't concentrate to
    think out & make major decisions or yes, even small ones."

* "I'm forgetting too many things
    and I'm afraid & embarrassed about it."

* "I'm a little concerned. Am I losing my grip?"
     "Am I slipping?" "Am I losing my faculties?"

   For When Your Feeling: Irritable - Impatient - Can't Relax.

* "I See Now that I Get These Sudden Un-Controllable Fears."

* "You Know, I do see it: These Compulsion to Do Something. It's just that I cant stop from repeating and repeating..."

* "I'm Becoming Really Impatient. People seem to take Forever to do things!"

* "Now I Also See that I'm Becoming More Critical, Picky and Negative."

* "So Sometimes, I Get Feeling Restless & Antsy & I have to keep busy."

* "Oh Boy, Now You Can Set Me Off Easily. I'm Super Sensitive."

* It Seems that My Feelings are Easily Hurt."

* "Then I Get Out of My Withdrawn Stuff & Get Defensive & Over-Counter-Attacking."

* ? What about the Overwhelming Difficulties, Adjustments, Responsibilities, Exhausting Efforts, Major Mountains & Difficult Decisions?

   Please! Just A Simple Single Day With Out Me Being Wrought & Suffering with ANXIETY & TERROR!


   Dr. Ralph: I figure You have found a few areas that Hit Home...   Again, We first need to know and understand the kind of anxiety or stress you're suffering from and then we can begin a treatment program of Health & Relief.
   If you can relate to, or understand, some of the feelings, thoughts and sufferings listed above, and you'd like to make some changes and get relief, You Can Look at Our Page of Anxiety Treatment Options and Anxiety Symptoms on Our Index.

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                         You Can Call Us at Our Main United States Line at 720-900-5000 from 10am to 4pm EST,                          To Set Up Counseling & Therapy Sessions at Doc's Virtual Online Private Practice.

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